PureVision Toric For Astigmatism

By Bausch + Lomb (6 Lenses/Box)
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(Right Eye)
Base Curve 8.7Diameter 14.0
(Left Eye)
Base Curve 8.7Diameter 14.0


PureVision Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism are uniquely designed to meet the special vision correction needs of people with astigmatism.

  • Manufactured by Bausch + Lomb.
  • AerGel makes PureVision Toric For Astigmatism lenses exceptionally healthy. They allow natural levels of oxygen to reach your eyes, and resist protein buildup.
  • Engineered to remain clean and comfortable all day long.
  • Monthly replacement schedule.

Additional information

PureVision Toric For Astigmatism contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb. These lenses offer convenience, comfort and crisp vision, providing a "fresh lens feeling" all the time. PureVision Toric For Astigmatism is great for contact lens wearers who need the highest possible level of oxygen transmission.

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